Communication cable

Industrial communication cable

Essential information

  • Brand: LLT
  • Place of origin: Shenzhen, China
  • Specification: 100M / 500m per roll
  • Packaging method: roll / wooden shaft / carton / pallet
  • Place of shipment: Shenzhen
  • Mode of transportation: Sea / land / air
  • Payment method:T / T, L / C, D / P
  • Starting quantity: 5000m
  • Daily production: 1000000m
  • Other services:OEM/ODM

Product characteristics:

With the help of its double shielding layer, it is especially suitable for installation in industrial environment vulnerable to electromagnetic interference;
The grounding continuity can be realized through the outer layer of the grounding contact of the bus terminal;
Working parameters: single line transmission specification: 1000m, which can be extended to 10000m with repeater;
The cable adopts double-layer shielding, which has good anti-interference performance, stable transmission performance and meets the requirements of characteristic impedance;
The cable is made of high flame retardant materials, which is the requirement for the cable to have high flame retardant performance.

Product description of Communication cable

Conductor: 0.64mm solid bare copper conductor;
core wire: made by foaming PE skin foaming skin method. Core wire color: red and green; 2-core and synthetic pair;
the first isolation layer: after the core wires are paired, they are wrapped with pet;
middle sheath: made of high flame retardant materials;
shielding layer: aluminum plastic composite tape, bare copper wire (or tinned copper wire) woven double-layer shielding;
outer protective layer: according to the design of different places, PVC, LSZH, PUR and other pressed materials can be selected, which are flame-retardant and purple in appearance (similar to ral4001);
flame retardant performance: comply with VDE 0472 standard; Class B test (iec332.1);
characteristic impedance: 150 Ω± 15 2 ~ 20MHz;
DC resistance: 57.5 Ω / km;
working temperature: PVC: - 20 ℃ ~ 105 ℃, PUR / LSZH: - 30 ℃ ~ 90 ℃.

Product parameters of Communication cable:

Product Cable type Sheath material (Ω) Characteristics impedence Braiding shield mm outer diameter
Profibus-DP 1×2×22AWG/1 PVC 150ohm 0.11  8.0 
Profibus-DP 1×2×22AWG/1 LSZH 150ohm 0.11  8.0 
Profibus-DP 1×2×22AWG/1 PE 150ohm 0.11  8.0 
Profibus-DP 1×2×22AWG/1 PUR 150ohm 0.11  8.0 
Profibus-DP 1×2×22AWG/7 PVC 150ohm 0.11  8.0 
Profibus-DP 1×2×22AWG/7 LSZH 150ohm 0.11  8.0 
Profibus-DP 1×2×22AWG/7 PE 150ohm 0.11  8.0 
Profibus-DP 1×2×22AWG/7 PUR 150ohm 0.11  8.0 

Product Application of Communication cable

Purple cable is mainly used in industrial communication occasions in many fields, such as industrial bus, equipment fixed wiring, motion wiring, drag chain system, robot system, wind energy and wind power system, marine system, railway locomotive system and so on. It can meet different application requirements, such as underground cable, drag cable and dangerous area.

Packaging information

Normally the cables are packed by drum,carton and put on the pallet and other customized packing are available as per international standard.

factory information

  • Super production capacity-more than 100 sets of automated production equipment, 24-hour production system, daily production capacity of 1,000,000 meters of cables
  • Strict quality inspection procedures-material inspection before production, index inspection during production, general quality inspection after production, packaging inspection
  • Complete certificate guarantee-IS09001 certification, IS014001 certification, CCC certification, CE certification, UL certification, LPCB certification, VDE certification, etc., so you can purchase with confidence
  • Efficient packaging and transportation-machineized packaging, fast and clean. Port city, direct air and sea transportation, fast delivery
  • 7*24 hours after-sales service-professionals provide you with services and consultations around the clock
  • We can also provide OEM and ODM services
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