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Insulation Material:

FPE, PE, or HT PVC 105 ℃

Type:Low Voltage, Low Voltage

Application: underwater  Float water

Outer Jacket: FEP, Foam TPE   Inner Jacket Press extruded TPE

Conductor: Pure Copper, Tinned Copper

Test Voltage: 1000V, 1 min

Sheath Color: Yellow, Blue, Orange

Packing: 100 meters/roll

Certificate: CE, CB, RoHS,KEMA, SABS, UL


LLTCABLE has below advantage:

√:Fantastic foaming sheath, no gap between inner and outer sheath, 
√:No adhesion between inner and outer sheath, not leaking at all, 
√:Quality assuranced by us.
√:Smooth and good foaming rate, 
√:not leaking at all, cable has supper perforamnce to pass bening test. 
√:Used for long years.

Other low quality cable has below disadvantage:
X: Low quality cable has big gap between inner sheath and outer sheath, 
X: It is very dangerous defect to cause leaking. 
X: Seriously affect product quality.
X: Rough and big foaming rate of outer sheath, 
X: Leakage of water and electricity is exist after several time use, 
X: This is because of low and bad manufacturer technical


1. Description: 

Bare copper or Tinned copoer stranded, HT 105℃ PVC insulation, Press extruded TPE,Two or three core  inside, Foam TPE sheathed


2. Applications: 

Floating Cable relies on foam core extrusion capabilities to achieve precise cable buoyancy requirements. It is flexible, movable,UV-stable, good bendability, and abrasion-resistant and may be fitted with choice of jackets to achieve resistance to various chemicals including acids, salt water, oil, and gasoline. Cable is suited for powering and controlling robotic cleaning systems in swimming pools and aquarium facilities as well as marine applications and submersible environmental pumping systems


3. Construction


4. Standard: 
Pass UL test, other standard like AS/NZS, BS, DIN,upon request

5. Specification:


6. Certificates:

CE, RoHS,  SABS, UL, TUV, VDE,  SGS applied


Company Informations

1. We are a professional manufacturer for network cable including lan cables, patch cords,coaxial cables and other different types of lan cables, with 18 years experiences

2. Advanced equipment's guarantee the excellence of every inch of product.

3. Authoritative Certificates supported, CE, ROSH, ISO9001:2000 and a serious of test report provided, guaranteeing quality of products and the benefits of our customers.

4. Our office is located at Shenzhen, where the traffic & business are very convenient.

5. Professional Fairs Participation and Our Customers.

6.We are the only factory in China have LPCB certificate with fire resistant cable in China.


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